Charter of Corporate Behavior*

We aim to contribute to solving environmental and social issues by fully utilizing our technological strengths. We shall make effective use of the earth's limited resources and shall contribute to sustainable development.

Toward this goal, we shall act with sound ethics and awareness in various aspects of our corporate activities, as described below, so that we can earn the trust of society and continue to grow sustainably.

1 Awareness and Responsibility

We are clearly aware of our corporate social responsibility based on the notion that the trust of society is essential to our corporate activities.

2 Legal compliance, Fairness, and Equitability

We shall comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations and shall conduct corporate activities in a fair and equitable manner toward customers, business partners, subcontractors, government agencies, and local communities, as well as among employees.

3 Valuing Stakeholders

We shall respect the interests of our stakeholders, including customers, business partners, shareholders, cooperating companies, government agencies, local communities, and employees, and conduct our corporate activities based on close communication.

4 Customer Satisfaction

We shall strive to satisfy our customers by doing our best to ensure quality of the products and services and engaging in dialogue.

5 Accountability and Transparency

Based on recognition of the importance of accountability in our corporate activities, we shall preserve transparency in our activities, disclose information appropriately, and maintain an open attitude.

6 Fair Business Practices

We shall conduct our business activities fairly and sincerely. We shall not engage in any form of corruption including bribery. We shall contribute to the sound development of the economy through fair competition. We shall not have any relationship with antisocial forces.

7 Environment and Safety

We shall provide products and services with less environmental impacts and shall strive to protect the environment including ecosystems. We shall conduct our corporate activities with the understanding that ensuring safety is our corporate social responsibility.

8 Respecting Human Rights

We shall respect the dignity and rights of all people and oppose unfair discrimination, regardless of race, gender, religion, or any other reason. We also demand our business partners not to violate human dignity and rights and not to engage in unfair discrimination.

9 Employment and Labor

We shall not engage in any forced labor and child labor and shall demand our business partners to refrain from engaging in any forced labor and child labor. Our management shall create a safe and healthy working environment in which employees can exercise their abilities and skills to the fullest in both mind and body. Our management shall implement management style that makes the most of human resources. Our management shall also respect rights of employees, including the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, and build sound relationships with employees through close dialogue.

10 Information Management

We shall properly and clearly manage records and reports required by laws and regulations in the course of our corporate activities and shall preserve such records. We shall also manage information thoroughly to prevent unauthorized disclosure of confidential information of customers, business partners, and our own company.

11 Science and Technology

We shall strongly advance research and development and shall create innovative technologies by drawing on our domestic and overseas expertise. We shall fully recognize and respect the importance of not only our own intellectual property rights but also those of other companies.

12 Community Involvement

We shall contribute to the local community through our business. We shall also meet the expectations of local communities by raising awareness and understanding of the culture and customs of each country and region.

13 Shared Standard

Management recognizes that it is our responsibility to realize the spirit of this Charter and shall make this Charter widely known and thoroughly implemented. We shall also share not only the norms related to human rights, employment, and labor, but also all the norms listed in this Charter with our business partners.

*This Charter of Corporate Behavior is applicable to MAFTEC Group Co., Ltd., MAFTEC Co., Ltd., and MAFTEC Joetsu Co., Ltd.