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Key performance achieved
 from MAFTEC™
 proprietary technology

We contribute to the
realization of
eco-circulate society
by delivering clean air

What is MAFTEC ?

MAFTEC™ is polycrystalline alumina fiber which is used for thermal applications up to 1600°C and is used as substrate support mat for automobile's catalytic converters and DPFs.

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Heat insulator
that can withstand
heat of 1600°C

MAFTEC ™ provides stable properties even at ultra-high temperatures of 1600℃.
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resiliency (cushioning)
even at 1300°C

MAFTEC ™ maintains practical elasticity (cushioning) even at 1300℃.

Mullite crystal structure
that realizes stable
heat insulation effect

MAFTEC ™ has a double heat insulative performance by blocking the heat conduction by the air layer and preventing the radiant heat transmission by each fiber.

5-7 μm fiber diameter that is safe
for people and the environment

MAFTEC ™ has an average fiber diameter of 5-7 μm and does not contain little respirable fibers as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO).